Saturday, December 26, 2015

Can't believe how quickly we're about to enter a new year! Haha and I just realised this would be my first and last post of 2015. Two years ago I wrote a hundred things that I was grateful for. This year I would like to do the same too before the year ends to save it as a keepsake. So here goes the list.

1. Christmas -  thank you for your Love and providence, Jesus
2. Family (including shoo hei yam snow) - Lord thank you for protecting them and keeping them safe while I'm away
3. A new flat for 2016
4. Food!
5. A wonderful stay at jmh
6. Good flatmates in the past year
7. Someone who can take over my dashwood tenancy
8. Lovely room at dashwood
9. Daddy for always being willing to support me financially
10. Great company in school
11. Patient and helpful tutors in clin skills classes
12. Life group
13. A superb mentor, Cher
14. Toothpaste samples!
15. A warm Christmas dinner at Yg's
16. The gigi group dinner a few weeks ago
17. Secret santa Jolynn
18. Secret santa Ming
19. A family of God that truly cares
20. Pear and Kotz, for being the lg family's wonderful addition
21. Jing for her joy and warmth
22. Jade for her patience and love
23. A truly memorable trip to Brisbane in July
24. Ivy for always being there and cheering me on
25. EY for looking out for me
26. Mummy for her great sacrificial love, always
27. Ebooks that I can read on my phone & kindle
28. Kotz, Cher and XM for helping me to move last week
29. Billy for letting me stay here right now
30. Cher for being my bubble tea other half
31. Chinatown!
32. The hospitality family
33. Youtube for the entertainment and songs
34. Bubz for her vlogs that keep me company while I brush my teeth
35. Ryan for bringing me around Subang when I went home this summer
36. Trip to Movie world with EY and ivy!
37. EY for going on the rides with me
38. Ivy for making us muffins so we wouldn't go hungry
39. Ivy for getting me Elizabeth Arden's green tea spray
40. Esther for being a great great friend
41. Louie for the catchup early this year
42. My Radley umbrella from erjie for giving me shelter when it rains
43. All the many new things I could buy online
44. Sarah for leaving me so many awesome things and introducing me to BiOY
45. Yiyi and teoteo for coming to London and treating me to Burger & Lobster (again!)
46. A wonderful year end trip last winter with the Tings to Spain & Portugal
47. Great trips with the gigi group this spring/summer
48. A new phone - thanks Billy for bringing it back from the US for me
49. My faithful mibank for keeping my 4S alive when I have to leave the house for a long time
50. Amber for dropping by last Sunday - thanks for your company, Amber
51. Dajie, erjie and sanjie for always loving me
52. The functionality of my walkman mp3 (I'm really sad i lost the cap a few weeks ago, but I'm thankful it still works perfectly fine)
53. A new alarm clock
54. Jerry, Ps Vincent & Ming for their amazing impartations
55. An amazing easter camp in April
56. Jamie for letting me store my things at hers over Summer
57. Qatar airways for doing amazing flights
58. Great summer at home
59. Billy's universal adapter
60. Great year spent in ocf studying Galatians (and now Matthew)
61. Lovely birthday surprise by the gigi group at the sushi place
62. The amazing birthday gifts this year - thank you so much everyone!
63. Kanken classic for my birthday. Thank you Ryan for all the amazing gifts over the entire year - the ukulele and miband too
64. Well insulated lecture halls in school
65. The lecture capture system! Thank you
66. Lecturers who are so passionate in teaching
67. Textbooks that I can refer to
68. Youtube Tutorials - thanks Armando, thanks Anatomy zone
69. Electricity and water supply
70. For the existence of Internet
71. Moisturising cream
72. tfl - thanks
73. My health & safety
74. Academic performance
75. Successful tooth setting
76. Tooth waxing classes & results
77. Washing machine & dryer
78. Money to buy things
79. Pens to write with
80. McDonalds 1.99 vouchers
81. The creation of heaters! Thank you God
82. The making of hair ties
83. Discounts & sales so I could get some new things
84. Supportive friends and family from everywhere
85. My 2016 summer tickets! (in advance)
86. Sonia (sun young) & Daniel (dong hoon) for introducing me to yummy korean food and making me like them so much
87. Socks to wear and change everyday
88. Tube stations that operate everyday (except today - it's Christmas!)
89. The lovely friends we meet on the streets this year
90. Veep's visits
91. Winter wonderland - for the food, entertainment & fun rides
92. TV at home! Can't wait to be back now
93. Nicky and Pippa's BiOY - thank you so much
94. Daily hope with Rick Warren - amazing, thank you
95. Dajie & erjie for their visit last Feb
96. Musicals/plays I watched this year - Charlie & the choc factory, ONCE, Photograph 51
97. Wimbledon day 1 tickets!
98. The stability of the internet that allows me to ft
99. Ryan for holding on to this relationship
100. God's great love, mercy and forgiveness

Thank you  Father, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit, for everything.

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